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Bộ đèn Metal halide SATURNO
Bộ đèn cao áp Metal halide SATURNO II SYM 1000/2000W chóa đối xứng
Giá tiền: VNĐ
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Product benefits 
  • Particularly robust casing
  • Delivery time on request
Areas of application 
  • Public spaces, sports facilities
  • Covered and open car parks – even near the sea
Product features 
  • Floodlight with symmetrical emission and particularly robust casing
  • Casing made from sand-blasted, nano-technology treated aluminum
  • Epoxy polyester powder coating for optimum corrosion protection
  • Symmetrical reflector made from mirrored aluminum
  • Operating temperature:  -20…35 °C
Equipment / Accessories 
  • Suitable for HQI-T 1,000 W or 2,000 W metal halide lamp
  • Suitable for NAV-T high-pressure sodium lamp
  • Equipment box comprising control gear, capacitor and operating device available separately
  • Anti-glare shield available as an accessory

Electrical data
Operating modeConventional control gear (CCG)
Lamp wattage1000 / 2000 W
Mains frequency50 Hz
Dimensions & weight
Length600.0 mm
Width390.0 mm
Height790.0 mm
Colors & materials
Body materialAluminum
Product colorAnthracite
Cover materialGlass
Ambient temperature range-20…+35 °C
Additional product data
Number of lighting outlets1
Equipped with lampNo
Reflector typeSymmetric
Mounting type_DX2048
Type of installationMounting
Type of connectionConnector
Holder designationE40
AccessoriesBOX NA-QIT 1000 W 8.9/10.3 A (4008321414151) / Box HQI-T 2000 W N/E N/SN 8.8 A (4008321414175) / BOX HQI-T 2000 W N 230 V 16.5 A (4008321414182) / Box HQI-T 2000 W D / DI 10.3 A (4008321414199) / BOX HQI-T 2000 W N 8.8 A (4008321414168)
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